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Employer of Record EOR

With Employer of Record - EOR services, we assist organizations in hiring individuals on their behalf in Middle Eastern nations where they do not have their own local entity. We handle local employment and HR tasks, allowing you to focus on your day-to-day administration.

Professional Employer Organization PEO

We are here to assist you may hire excellent talent In 11+ Middle Eastern nations. Onboarding, payroll, and compliance may all be automated with our aid.

Contractor Hire

Create a flexible ideal team in the Middle East. To avoid costly compliance concerns, use our smart contractor hiring services.

Payroll Outsourcing

We can supply our clients with entire payroll management and processing services. We may customise our offers to the customer's needs, regardless of the size of the client, the number of employees, or the intricacies of the payroll.

Relocation services

Our relocation and destination services are designed to make the transition as seamless as feasible and to make the settling in process as simple as possible.

Immigration Services

We can handle all of your business visa and staff immigration needs with our entire suite of services. We also offer assistance in all aspects of immigration to more than 11 Middle Eastern countries to firms and people based in the UAE.

HR management

We help you legally employ staff to execute projects & acquire HR assistance for your business in the UAE. We help you stay compliant with all state and federal laws

Remote Workers Hire

We make it simple for you to employ the best people for your organization, regardless of their location. as well as ensuring that local labor and tax regulations are followed

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Visa & Work Permit sponsorships


- Local labour Law compliance
- Provision of local legal entity

Employee Benefits

- Employee benefit management
- Relocation services

Employer of Record in Srilanka

HR management

HR and annual Leave Management

Talent Acquisition & Outsourcing

- Middle East Talent Acquisition - Recruitment process Outsourcing

Employment contract

- Contractor Management
- De-mobilization services


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