Police Clearance Certificate Dubai

If you need to enter an educational institute, get hired for a job, or apply for a visa; you need a police clearance certificate from Dubai. This is done with the purpose that you can demonstrate your good conduct. Also, certify that you have not been involved in any type of antisocial or illegal activity. It is like a seal that will demonstrate good behavior for companies, schools, or some government entity.

In this article, we will let you know all the information you need about the Dubai police clearance certificate. The first thing will be to define in detail what this document is so that you can understand how it works. Then you will see everything related to the acquisition process of this writing so that you can do it. Specifically, we will discuss.

  1. What is the Dubai police clearance certificate?
  2. How to get a police clearance certificate in Dubai?
  3. How to get the police clearance certificate online?
  4. Things you should know about this document
  5. Some FAQs
  6. Contact EOR Middle East if you want advice on obtaining a visa to go to the UAE

1. What is the Dubai police clearance certificate?

This is a certificate that is very common worldwide due to the great importance it has. This certificate can also be known by the name of criminal record and certificate of good conduct. In addition, we can observe that these names help us understand their meaning. This is because practically as its name says, it refers to the person’s criminal record.

This certificate can be considered a copy of a person’s criminal record. We can obtain the certificate only in the state where you reside, otherwise, you will not be able to obtain it. Its broadcast is made by the Al Qiyada Police Headquarters for those people from Dubai and the USA.

A PCC is in charge of demonstrating that the individual does not have any criminal record. This also applies to show that the individual has not been accused of any crime or illegality. This way people can show that they have a clean record of crimes. This is extremely important in many circumstances and it is important to keep it up to date.

The name of the certificate of good conduct indicates the importance of this certificate within the country. This certificate may be indicative of the conduct of the person who is requesting a document. People must keep in mind that when applying for a visa, job, or entering a university, this certificate is mandatory.

2. How to get a police clearance certificate in Dubai?

There are different ways to obtain a police clearance certificate in Dubai. However, the fastest way is by applying online. In the same way, it can be obtained without having to apply online. Here is everything you need to know to get the certificate:

2.1 What do you have to do to request the police clearance certificate for a UAE visa?

This can be requested through the official website of the UAE Ministry of the Interior or known as MOI. Similarly, you can make this request through the MOI application, which is available for Android and iOS. This process usually takes between 2 to 3 business days for the issuance of the certificate. This happens if it is done in normal processing mode.

You can obtain this certificate in the same way if you go in person to the MOI service centers. The service centers can be found very easily as they are located throughout all the emirates. In addition, from the website, you can search for the center that is closest to your home.

It is important to note that both certificates have the same validity regardless of where it is issued. For this reason, the person will decide which method seems most convenient at the time of making their request.

2.2 What are the necessary documents for the criminal record certificate?

To complete the process of obtaining the Abu Dhabi police clearance certificate, you need the following papers.

  • Firstly, you will need the completed application form.
  • Then, you must have a color copy of your UAE ID.
  • You must have the complete set of fingerprint impressions. This is only required if your Emirates ID has expired before 6 months. It also applies if the person does not have an emirates ID.
  • You must have 6 photographs that are passport size and that the person does not have glasses or a cap. This is done to double-check with the website that is at the police headquarters.
  • In addition, you must indicate the purpose for requesting the police authorization certificate. You may also bring a letter explaining the reasons for the PCC.
  • You must bring self-certified photocopies of your passports and any other identity document. Among them is the emirates ID or driver’s license.
  • You must bring a copy of your work permit, residence permit, letter of appointment, and dependent’s pass, among others.
  • Finally, you must bring documentary proof of your last residential address in the UAE (the DEWA invoice).

3. How to get the police clearance certificate online?

In the UAE, normally, foreign people are looking for work or study opportunities. It is also very common for there to be nationalized people who are visiting other countries. In either of the two cases, you may need this document without being within the nation. Taking these circumstances into consideration, a process was created to acquire an online police clearance certificate.

The first thing you need if you are interested in starting the process is a UAE-certified fingerprint card. To do this, you must go to the embassy of the UAE in the country where you are. This is requested to obtain an official report that allows you to verify your identity. They do this using biometrics and decimal fingerprints.

You must carry out this entire process through the Internet. Enter the page of the Ministry of the Interior of the UAE. Another option that they offer you is to do it through the country’s police. You send the online application to either of the two entities and, in addition, you must submit the following documents.

  • Recent passport-size photos, no more than 6 months old (two are needed).
  • The fingerprint card is the most important document.
  • A letter stating the reason for this request.
  • Photocopy of your current passport.
  • A photocopy of the last issued visa pays to enter the country. If you are nationalized, use your ID

4. Things you should know about this document

There are certain important data that you should know if you are interested in applying for a police clearance certificate in the UAE. Next, you will see relevant information that you will surely need or ask for.

4.1 Why is this document important?

Generally, when you request the PCC it is because some company or educational institution needs it. This is because, when you are going to be presented in a public entity, it is of the utmost importance that there is proof that you are an irreproachable person. Therefore, if you are going to apply for a visa or start a job, even for a driver’s license, you will need it.

4.2 How much does the police clearance certificate cost in the UAE?

This price will vary, depending on the language in which it is issued. The PCC can be obtained in both Arabic and English. In addition, the nationality where you come from and the place where you reside are factors that also affect the cost. Despite this, the estimated price of the police clearance certificate is just over AED320. It also has to be added if any additional processing is done.

4.3 How long does it take to deliver it to you?

The processing time of the PCC is not very long if you request it in its normal mode. It is estimated that you will have to wait between two and three business days, which can be considered a reasonable time. On the other hand, if you need this process to be a little faster; on the internet, you can find possibilities to obtain the document faster. However, it is important that you go to official pages to avoid scams. You can also request that this document be sent to you by email and in this case, it will arrive the same day.

5. Some FAQs

After reading all this, you probably have a lot of questions, which is perfectly normal. Taking this into account, in this section, you will find the answer to many of those questions.

5.1 How long is the validity period of the police clearance certificate?

The duration is not very long, taking into account that this is the type of document that must be renewed from time to time. After it has been delivered to you, it is valid for only 90 days. Once this time has passed, you must request it again.

5.2 What does a police record certificate for immigration mean?

Depending on the reason for which you acquire the PCC, its meaning is interpreted differently. In the case of immigration, this is a statement from the police agencies about the person’s history. Here, you include all the arrests you have had, the reasons, and your behavior in each of the events. That is where the importance of the document lies.

5.3 What and how much are the fees for the PCC?

Like any public document, you must pay the cost of some fees. These will depend on your legal status, nationality, and place of residence. Next, which fees you must pay, the entities to which you must pay, and their costs.

  • People with the nationality of the UAE AED 100
  • People residing in the UAE 200
  • Applicants who are outside the country AED 300
  • Knowledge fee AED 10
  • Innovation fee AED 10

There are also some fees that you must pay to the Ministry of the Interior that will depend on the language in which you request the police clearance certificate. These are:

  • Arabic certificate AED 50
  • English certificate AED 150

5.4 Is it possible to get a hard copy from the PCC in Dubai?

Yes, you can. To do this, you must request that the physical of the police clearance department in Dubai be sent to your home. But, it is important to mention that this service has additional costs. As a result, people prefer to have the document delivered to their emails. It is also an option and they have the same validity.

6. Contact EOR Middle East if you want advice on obtaining a visa to go to the UAE

As you see Dubai police good conduct certificate is a crucial document to be able to function in the UAE. This is because when you go to apply for a job, they will ask you for it. Also, if you want to study in this country, they will request this document. Therefore, when you enter the visa acquisition process, it is important that you have the PCC Dubai. If you are one of those people who wants to acquire a permit, you have to advise yourself with our company.

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