What Is a PEO? Everything you need to know

In this era, acquiring the services of a PEO can play a critical role. A PEO in the UAE can support your business in several ways. Thus, if you do not know what this organization is, you must learn more about it.

In this article, we are going to teach you everything you need to know about PEOs and how beneficial they can be for your company. You will learn about the services they usually offer and how to select the perfect UAE PEO service according to your business. Let us see:

  1. What is a Professional Employer Organization?
  2. What services can a PEO in the UAE offer?
  3. Advantages of using a Professional Employer Organization
  4. Things you should look at in a PEO Agency
  5. Why should you acquire a tailored PEO service?
  6. How can EOR Middle East help you?

1. What is a Professional Employer Organization?

PEO is the acronym of Professional Employer Organization. These companies work with employers to offer human resources solutions and expertise that managers may not be able to provide alone. PEOs undertake some organizational duties that can be time-consuming and tedious. Subsequently, they offer their services to small and big organizations. 

A professional employer organization can give your company a competitive advantage by streamlining some operations. Therefore, PEOs help companies who are struggling with the administrative workload. They take care of handling sensible documents and other paperwork. Additionally, they will be in charge of finding people to suffice a company’s workforce. From 1099 employees to full-time employees, they will have you covered. 

When your organization starts working with a PEO in the UAE, you will be part of a joint employment relationship. Consequently, allowing the professional employer organization to take charge of several employee-related liabilities and responsibilities. As a result, business owners can outsource many human resource functions such as employees’ taxes, benefits, payroll, and more. 

On the other hand, your business will have daily control over staff members and how they assist the company. Employees will receive instructions and assignments from their employers. With this association, UAE PEOs will serve as employers of record for tax and insurance purposes. Plus, other services that may be helpful to your organization. 

Using the solutions of a PEO in the UAE will save employers time and reduce their legal risks and other obligations. Having a professional employment organization will get you dedicated support if you have any managerial difficulty. 

2. What services can a PEO in the UAE offer?

A PEO in the UAE will offer a wide variety of amenities for companies to benefit from. The following are the top HR services that most PEO companies provide.

2.1 HR Administration and Consulting

When you delegate your HR management functions to a PEO your company will join a bigger employee base that can have access to low-cost benefits. The objective of HR administration and consulting services is to replace the need for an HR team in a company. 

As your organization develops is important to have the support of a PEO in the UAE to address your changing necessities. Benefiting from this HR solution will allow your company to operate more efficiently. PEO agents will serve as a conductor for your vision for growing the business while dealing with the operations of an HR department. 

2.2 Payroll Processing

Processing your payroll with a PEO will allow your company to make single payments every payroll cycle for your staff members. They can be of great help when employers do not know how to pay their overseas employees

When acquiring payroll services, the software calculates the number of hours labored and the pay rate of each staff member. Then, agents take charge of sufficing payments to the employees. Having this service can help simplify what is a challenging procedure, particularly if you have a new business. 

2.3 Employees’ Compensation Insurance

PEOs usually deal with maintaining employees’ compensation coverage. They create safer work environments by providing workers’ compensation policies. These protection measures can be pre-employment drug testing, claims management of injuries, back-to-work programs, safety, and training procedures. When applying these solutions, the workplace safety of employees will quickly improve. 

A PEO agency can offer companies better rates while decreasing insurance costs. When working with one for workers’ compensation insurance, you can obtain access to a lower modification rate. Additionally, most PEOs in the UAE offer safety training for employers and employees. In the end, leading to a healthy workplace with healthier staff members. 

2.4 Retirement Packages

PEOs offer retirement plans to help companies remain compliant with local regulations. These packages are hosted on online platforms that are designed to let employees manage their retirement plans easily. 

2.5 Legal Compliance

One of the greatest solutions a professional employer organization can offer is: support with remaining compliant with the United Arab Emirates Labor and Employment Laws. PEOs have the data to help you deal with: state, federal, and industry-specific laws. This service is very beneficial with regulations and laws constantly changing. 

Violating laws in the United Arab Emirates can lead to many penalties, such as litigation, fines, loss of company reputation, and high worker turnover. When working with a PEO you can assure that your business adapts to all current local regulations and laws. 

2.6 Other Services

  • Staff Members Training and Development: With a PEO in the UAE you can acquire training courses for your staff members. Most of these organizations offer guidance with health, harassment, diversity, and safety. Moreover, they offer in-person and online classes to help with the development of employees’ skill sets. For example, they can offer courses about leadership, communication, management, or teamwork.
  • Immigration Services: PEOs can help you deal with your immigration procedures if you are new in the region. When having immigration services you can mobilize your workforce anywhere in no time. 
  • Health Insurance Amenities: Professional employer organizations usually offer affordable health insurance packages for companies. 
  • Relocation Solutions: PEOs in the UAE will make sure that you obtain the right assistance to have a smooth transition of your employees when moving to the Middle East. With their relocation services, you will have the support of experts dealing with visas, permits, and other issues. 
  • Workforce Supply: With the aid of a professional employment agency you can find the top candidates in the world to fill your vacancies. From local professionals to remote workers, there are no boundaries when sufficing your workforce with a PEO. 

3. Advantages of using a Professional Employer Organization

There are many advantages of using a PEO in the UAE. Such as:

3.1 Having the expertise of HR professionals

With the support of a PEO, you can have the valuable expertise of HR professionals in the palm of your hands. These agents will take care of helping your company grow and expand into the region. PEOs manage different areas to leave you with extra time to focus on other aspects of your company. 

When having a PEO service, your managerial responsibilities will be lifted from you. However, you still maintain oversight of the whole process and can give opinions and insight at any time. 

3.2 You will have professional resources for compliance challenges

Small companies can directly benefit from having an ally that knows all about federal, state, and other local compliance regulations. Professional employer organizations advise their clients in legal areas so they do not incur any violation. 

3.3 Gain access to more benefits for your staff members 

Allying with a PEO helps your small business become more competitive by providing you with talented employees. Besides, once you have your workforce complete you can start offering a great number of benefits with the support of a PEO in the UAE

3.4 Maintain control of your business

Even if you have a PEO agency working for you, you will still have the main control of your whole organization. PEOs only take some responsibilities out of your hands, but business owners have the final say in all decisions regarding their businesses. 

3.5 Helps employers reduce costs

Acquiring the services of a PEO allows you to reduce the overhead costs of running your business. Thus, you can offer more benefits to your employees while lowering your bottom line. Using EOR solutions gives business owners the power to diminish costs significantly as they delegate duties to their agents. In consequence, employers do not have to maintain a full HR department. 

3.6 Business owners will refocus their businesses

When having extra help, business owners can allow themselves to refocus their purposes to develop their companies. When a professional employer organization takes responsibility from their shoulders, employers can find more time to think about their next steps and plan their expansion. 

4. Things you should look at in a PEO Agency

Firstly, before you hire a personal employer organization to streamline your processes, you should consider their reliability. Be aware of looking for certified agencies so you do not have any problems with them in the future. 

Secondly, ask them about their services. Get to know what things they offer and make sure that their solutions can fit every need your organization may have. See how flexible they are and what are the costs of their packages. 

Ultimately, you have to know if they have enough expertise to meet your expectations. Always search for the PEO with outstanding resources, tools, technology, and specialists. In this way, it is always good to do some research before making a final decision. 

5. Why should you acquire a tailored PEO service?

Hiring tailored services from a PEO in the UAE will be very beneficial when wanting to select certain solutions for your company. Many professional employer organizations offer solutions that adjust to the needs of their clients. Hence, helping them develop in the areas that they need most. 

With a tailored approach, you can fixate on solving particular issues that can be holding your company from reaching its full potential. Subsequently, with a flexible agency, employers can add as many services as they need and remove the things they do not want. 

In summary, once you consider acquiring the services of a PEO, try to focus on every service that they offer. Ask for their credentials, reviews, ratings, and accolades. Seeing if their software and technology goes with the times is also necessary so you can have a service that fully complements your company.

6. How can EOR Middle East help you?

If you are looking for a professional employer organization in the Middle East, we are the best alternative. EOR Middle East provides the greatest PEO services for your company in the United Arab Emirates and other regions such as:

We have the most professional team of HR agents to your service, ready to help you with any difficulty your company may have. EOR Middle East has years of experience, more than 800 satisfied ratings, a 98% success rate, and the required accolades that make us the best consultancy agency in the region. 

Our PEO company is the best option to expand your business. We deliver a custom-made collection of managerial solutions to boost your productivity at a low cost, pay stubs support to simplify operations, and so much more. 

Would you like to acquire EOR Middle East’s professional employer organization services? If you want us to help you deal with your HR management issues, you can send us an email at [email protected]. Our devoted agents will take care of answering all of your queries. 

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