Oman Visa for UAE residents

Oman Visa for UAE Residents: All Travel Guidelines You Need To Know

As a resident, you must obtain an Oman Visa for UAE residents to visit the country. However, if you are a resident citizen of the UAE, you will not need an arrival visa nor will you have to pay any costs. This makes being an Emirati resident an advantage when traveling to this important commercial neighbor.

In this article, you will find everything you need to know to apply for an Oman visa. Also, you will know the Oman visa news and regulations around road trip visas and much more.

Oman visa for UAE residents news

Oman Visa for UAE residents

Currently, the Oman visa for UAE residents is a very easy document to acquire. This is because the process is extremely easy when you follow the instructions. Below you will see the steps you need to follow to do so:

  1. Apply for an Oman visa externally. Also, apply when you are in the United Arab Emirates.
  2. Verify that your passport is valid for more than 6 months.
  3. Review the list of occupations before applying.
  4. Present a hotel reservation and a return ticket, if you are planning a holiday trip

However, although obtaining a visa to travel to Oman is easy, you should keep in mind that when applying for it you must choose the most suitable one for you. In addition, the visa has two ways to apply for it; the first is the unsponsored one, which is to apply for it yourself. On the other hand, there is the sponsored one, where you must find a local sponsor in Oman to apply for you.

Likewise, visas are generally divided into visit visas and resident visas. In addition, the resident must follow the same steps as foreigners for the tourist visa. However, the difference is in the requirements, documentation, and eligibility. Therefore, you must know the visa you will need to have all the said documentation to have an easy process.

Do UAE residents need a visa for Oman?

An advantage that UAE residents have is the privileged geographical location they have. Therefore, travelers can visit any of the nearby countries like Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, and others. Likewise, tourists can spend a holiday weekend or as part of a process to request a visa extension.

On the other hand, Oman is on the border of this important territory and UAE residents travel to Oman quickly. This makes it a popular destination country for many of the residents of the UAE. On the other hand, to enter Oman potential visitors require a visa, depending on nationality and the reason for travel.

Therefore, we recommend you learn how to obtain an Oman visa for UAE residents. In addition, these residents can apply for a visa to Oman by complying with the conditions of the government. Likewise, the Oman entry requirements from UAE They depend on whether the citizens belong to that country.

Therefore, UAE national residents can enter Oman without a visa at any border port. For example, regardless of whether they enter by road or air, they can be in the country for up to 14 days. However, they will need to show a confirmed hotel reservation, health insurance, and a return ticket.

Otherwise, foreigners residing in the United Arab Emirates must have a visa before arrival in Oman. Additionally, travelers can apply for an Oman visa from UAE on the official web portal.

Oman Visa on Arrival for UAE Residents

The country no longer broadcasts a visa on arrival in Oman for UAE residents since 2019. Also, this is regardless of the place of residence or citizenship of the applicant. As a result, travelers not originally from the UAE or GCC will need to apply for an entry visa before going to Oman.

Oman Visa for UAE Residents Traveling by Road

Generally, this country has been in high demand in recent times due to the notifications of the new Oman visa UAE resident extension. Therefore, UAE citizens can travel to the country by road to save costs. However, making a visa on arrival application to Oman is no longer available.

In recent years, the Oman government eliminated the visa-on-arrival option. Otherwise, all people who want to enter the country must first apply for an entry visa. Additionally, travelers should keep in mind that arriving in Oman without a visa could prevent them from entering the country.

On the other hand, in case people want to travel to another country, they can check the list of countries that offer resident visas. This way, citizens will not have to worry about applying for a visa before traveling.

Oman visa cost for UAE residents

Oman Visa for UAE residents

Residents who are Emirati citizens do not require a visa for Oman from UAE. Therefore, they can enter Oman for free without much hassle. However, the same does not happen with foreign residents of the UAE, who must pay certain fees.

In this case, the costs of the visa for Oman for UAE residents include consultation fees, application submission, and consulate fees. For example, the application fee is AED 50; the other costs depend on the type of visa and duration of the visa.

What is not included in the Oman Visa fee from the UAE?

Citizens driving from Dubai to Oman do not have vehicle insurance costs included in the UAE resident Oman visa fees. Otherwise, before the trip, they can take out an insurance company or do it at the point of entry to Oman. On the other hand, travelers who want to drive to Musandam Dibba must take out insurance in advance.

Consequently, residents of the United Arab Emirates need an Oman Visa for UAE residents. In addition, they will not pay fees for these visas, which is why residents of the Emirates are considered privileged to be able to visit this and other countries without complications.

If after reading the article, you have certain doubts about the topic do not worry, we can help you resolve them just by contacting us.