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Currently, migration to Saudi Arabia has increased significantly thanks to the increase in job opportunities for foreigners. Thinking about this, the kingdom of Saudi Arabia has created an excellent platform to meet this need, called QIWA. The process is very simple, all you have to do is register in QIWA and then perform the QIWA login.

In this article, we will give you all the information you need about the QIWA platform and the QIWA login. The first thing will be, to tell you that it is this new tool that was created in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Secondly, you will see all the steps you must take to be able to perform the QIWA login and, also, how you can relocate employees through this system.

  1. Do you know what is the QIWA platform?
  2. Step-by-step guide to relocating employees in KSA using QIWA
  3. Contact EORMiddleast for support in case you want to relocate employees

1. Do you know what is the QIWA platform?

Due to the large increase in migration in Saudi Arabia, there is an increase in job vacancies for immigrants. Therefore, the KSA provides a large platform to meet your needs, the QIWA platform. For all those people who are in Saudi Arabia with a work visa and their respective permits, it is advisable to use the QIWA platform.

The QIWA KSA is of the utmost importance because it provides the ministry of human resources and social development, services and solutions; to improve the electronic services provided to the labor sector. In addition, the only thing they must do is their respective QIWA register, to be able to log in to QIWA.

This platform was created to help all those migrants who arrive looking for employment in the KSA. Also, if you want to create a company in the KSA, it is important that you continue reading the article and be able to learn how you can transfer staff through QIWA SA registration.

2. Step-by-step guide to relocating employees in KSA using QIWA

To transfer personnel in Saudi Arabia using the QIWA platform, certain steps must be followed. Below we can see in detail all the steps to carry out this process:

2.1 First step: Uploading the employment contract in the QIWA KSA app

The person who is your new employer must upload an employment contract. In addition, this must be done by requesting the transfer of the services that the employee has to the QIWA service platform. However, to carry out this process, the employer must meet several requirements. The terms can be seen below:

  • According to the regulations, the employer must be able to acquire a new visa.
  • The employer demonstrated at least 80% compliance with the corresponding salary protection system. All this in the last three months.
  • The employer is ensuring full compliance with the contract registration program.
  • Similarly, the employer adheres to the maximum limit of the nationality of the QIWA KSA worker.
  • The company must adhere to the regulation of the self-assessment program in at least 80%.
  • There is a green status that serves the Nitaqar scheme for all employers.

2.2 Second step: Accept a job offer through the QIWA SA app

All applicants will be able to accept an employment contract once the employer has already launched the job portal using QIWA registration online. In the next ten days after its start, they will be able to follow the procedures to receive the work. The steps to follow to receive the job or your employment contract can be as follows:

  • All applicants must do their own QIWA.sa registration.
  • They will be able to use the QIWA login to access their accounts after successfully enrolling in one.
  • After this, they must select an individual account.
  • Go to the page and select employee transfer.
  • Press the button that says view contract.
  • You must carefully review the employment contract before being accepted into QIWA gov sa. This is because, in the eyes of the Saudi government and the ministry of human resources, it is the only one that is legally binding. Therefore, it is important that you learn about Saudi employment law and how it can help you with your employment contract.
  • You will have to accept all the conditions as they are exposed.
  • Contact the QIWA beta support service by phone or email @qiwa.sa if you have any problems. Also, you can contact us if you had any problems with your registration at qiwa.sa.
  • You can accept or reject the contract.

2.2.1 Standards for an organization to accept candidates

There are certain specific standards that organizations require to accept candidates. The standards are as follows:

  • Before entering Saudi Arabia with the current employer, the employee had to work for at least one year.
  • You must not have any history of unpaid violations for which you are still responsible.
  • There are no other applications open for the transfer of sponsorship.

2.3 Third step: The new employer accepts the transfer request

After all, candidates have registered and accepted the new job offer or employment contract. The new employer will receive the application and decide whether to approve or deny it. QIWA will display a status that will say pending approval by the current employer, while the employer makes its decision.

The employee transfer will be successful if the employer accepts your request within the next 14 days. However, the system may take over and automatically grant the transfer request without consent. In the same way, in both cases, the approved status will be observed in QIWA, after the QIWA app download.

If the current employer does not agree with the transfer request within the stipulated time, it is automatically rejected. In this way, the status of automatically canceled will be shown in QIWA because it is not authorized or the rejection of your request for more than 14 days.

You can automatically observe a deletion if the current employer decides to decline the transfer service request. However, the employer must present a justification for these acts. An example of this can be a poor contract.

Throughout this period, the QIWA status will be declined by the current employer. In the same way, a letter will be sent informing the employee that he will have a defense from the business owner.

2.4 Fourth step: Wait for the end of the notice period

The employee notice period in QIWA will begin as soon as your existing employer approves your transfer request. This will only happen after you have completed all the procedures mentioned above.

In this way, the existing employer will have the option of making a transfer request immediately. However, you can also postpone your dismissal until the end of the notice period. With the latter, the status that will be displayed will be pending at the end of the notification period in the QIWA sa app download.

2.5 Step Five: New Employer completes transfer

At QIWA login, the worker transfer service begins after the notice period is complete. Also, if the current employer decides to approve the transfer of the employee. The status will be changed to awaiting completion of the transfer of the new employee at Absher.

After all this, the new employer will have to pay Iqama transfer fees and make use of the Absher app. The employer can use this app to send a request to change the name of the company. You can also make the transfer of personnel in the next 24 days.

The operation will end if it does not start within 24 hours. This results in the QIWA system showing the status as expired because the new employer did not complete the application. This will be after the QIWA login.

2.6 Sixth step: Register for the new Iqama

For you to register for a new Iqama if your current employer decides to approve the transfer request, you must follow these steps:

  • Within the next 12 days, you will need to pay the cost of the transfer sponsorship to complete the Jawazat due process.
  • According to the provisions of article 40 of the Saudi labor law, the employer must cover the cost.
  • The Absher application can be used to check the progress of the new Kafeel. All this after the transfer is complete.
  • You can go to any Jawazat office to pick up the print of your new Iqama after completing the transfer.

It is important that you check your Saudi Iqama status to make sure that the whole process went smoothly. In addition, you should know about the Iqama expiry services and thus be able to avoid problems with this. Therefore, it is important that you check all of these to ensure that you do not have problems in the future.

2.7 In summary

We can summarize that performing QIWA KSA registration and QIWA login is very helpful for both individuals and companies. Thus becoming a fundamental part of economic growth for the KSA and helping all foreigners who wish to enjoy the benefits that the country offers.

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