Check Your Saudi Visa Status Online 2023 E-Visa Status Enquiry

The Saudi work visa check online is an important action to know the visa status before traveling. Also, it avoids inconveniences such as denial of entry or any legal factor that may prevent you from working in the country. Nowadays, there are many ways to do this verification online, which is a simple process and you can do it even in the comfort of your home.

In this guide, you will be able to know the methods to check online Saudi visa status as well as the steps to do so. Likewise, you will know the validity of visas according to their type and other important details on these topics.

Saudi Visa Check Status Online 2023

Saudi work visa check online

Currently, there are several ways to check visit visa status KSA online like through platforms or applications. However, there are some more common online verification methods for residents and foreigners that we will show you below:

Saudi Visa Check in Muqeem

Doing the Saudi work visa check online through the Muqeem web portal turns out to be a very easy process. In addition, to verify, you will not need to log in to the site, just enter the information requested on the page. This platform is very efficient and will provide you with all the information you require in just a few minutes.

Likewise, you can check visa status KSA by simply entering the Iqama number or personal visa number. Additionally, to do cross-verification, you can enter your passport number, date of birth, your name, and the expiration date of the Iqama or visa.

Saudi visa verification on the Absher portal of the MOI

Another effective way to do the work visa check online is the Absher website of the Ministry of Interior. In this case, you can do the verification by this means by following the next steps:

  1. Access the Absher portal and log in with your account
  2. Next, choose MY SERVICES and then INQUIRIES
  3. In the next tab, click on PASSPORT
  4. Then, click on ENTRY/EXIT VISA STATUS
  5. Once there, enter the following details:
  • Sponsor ID
  • Iqama number
  • Visa number or passport number
  • Image code
  1. Now click VIEW

Furthermore, by checking Saudi visa status online in this Absher portal, you can easily cancel the entry and re-entry visa for dependents. However, if you are going to make a change to this visa, the sponsor is the one who must do all the procedures.

Saudi visa verification in Enjazit – by visa number

In previous years, the visa application status Saudi Arabia was through the portal Enjazit but now it is through the MOFA website. Also, to consult, enter the number issued by the visa, the identification of the visa sponsor, and the authority that issued the visa.

Saudi visa verification in MOFA – by passport number

On the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Saudi Arabia or MOFA, you will be able to do the Saudi work visa check online. Furthermore, on this portal, you can view the visit visa status simply and effectively. To make your verifications, go to the MOFA web address and simply provide the requested information and you will receive updated information about your visa.

These are the detailed steps to be followed for visa verification through the online portal using the passport number:

  1. Go to
  2. In the query type, click on VISA APPLICATION
  3. Provide your application number and passport number
  4. You will see a Captcha code that you must enter correctly
  5. Select SEARCH

Likewise, once you enter all the information requested by the page, it will show you the visa information. Moreover, you can do through this page, the MOFA visa verification and see the status of the KSA visit visa. Similarly, through this portal, you can do the family visit visa status verification.

Saudi Exit/Re-Entry Visa Validity Check

Before talking about the topic of Saudi visa number check, we will tell you what it is about. This travel permit allows foreign residents to leave the country temporarily but with a specifically established return time. Also, it is flexible and allows the bearer to travel abroad for personal or business reasons while maintaining their residential status.

Now, for the KSA visa check online, enter the Muqeem portal, and you must follow these steps we will show you:

  1. Enter the Muqeem website
  2. Next, enter your Iqama number
  3. Click on DATE OF BIRTH, this will verify your Iqama number with the passport number
  4. Select the VERIFY button

Now, after entering your exit/re-entry visa information, the page will show you the following:

  • Status of the visa
  • Visa type and number
  • Validity of the visa
  • Visa issuance date
  • Return before date
  • Inside or outside Saudi Arabia

Saudi visa validity

Saudi work visa check online

As you have seen, there are easy methods for doing the Saudi work visa check online available. However, you should know what the validity periods of the standard visas are, which we will show you below:

Tourist visa

This visa has a validity period of 1 year and the holder can have a maximum stay in the country of 90 days. In addition, it is a visa that allows multiple entries at a time. Additionally, there is a single-entry tourist visa that has an issue date of 3 months after it is issued. Likewise, this visa allows a stay in Saudi Arabia for 30 days.

Business visa

This visa is valid for between 30 and 60 days after its issuance by the competent authorities. Likewise, this period will depend on the country of origin or the invitation letter presented by MOFA-KSA. In the same way, these multiple entry visas have an expiration date of 6 months, 1, 2, or 5 years. Likewise, you can stay in the country with this visa for 90 days per trip.

Family visit visa

The single-entry family visa has a validity period of 30 days, and the multiple-entry visa has a validity period of 90 days. Additionally, holders of these multiple visas will be allowed to re-enter 4 times with a duration per visit of up to 90 days.

Personal visit visa

The personal visit visa allows the bearer to be in the country for 90 days with a single entry visa. Nevertheless, it will be of 350 days if it is a multiple-entry visa. Likewise, you must do the visit visa status check Saudi Arabia before traveling to the country to avoid inconvenience with immigration.

Hajj and Umrah Visa

It is a visa with an expiration time of 30 days and the Umrah visa has a validity period of 3 months from its issuance.

Saudi work visa

Work visas are valid for 1 year after being issued and allow holders to work in Saudi Arabia. Likewise, it will allow you to work for up to 6 months in a year without needing a residence permit. Do the Saudi work visa check online to know if it was approved or denied. This verification must be done before traveling to the country, and you can also verify its validity period.

In conclusion, doing the Saudi work visa check online is easy through the web portals available for this purpose. In addition, knowing the validity period for each visa, you will know when you should do the renewal.

If you have more questions regarding the topic, you can contact us and we will give you more pertinent information. Also, we can guide you through the process so you can have a successful issuance of your document.