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How To Check TRN Validity in Dubai, UAE – TRN Verification Dubai

When it comes to business taxes, completing the TRN verification Dubai allows you to check the validity of your FTA registration. The process is essential so that companies and clients can check the veracity and avoid tax fraud. In this case, registration is a formality that you can do online easily and in a short time.

In this article, we will show you the FTA registration process to obtain a TRN number for your business. Additionally, we will help you identify a fake TRN number and how to perform the TRN verification UAE.

What is TRN in the UAE?

TRN verification Dubai

Before doing a TRN verification Dubai you must first know what it is and what its usefulness is. The TRN is a unique order 15-digit code provided by the UAE Federal Tax Authority (FTA). Likewise, the code is implemented to identify companies and individuals to track taxes.

On the other hand, the TRN is also known in some parts of the world as the VAT identification number.

Is TRN the same as Emirates ID?

Newcomers to the UAE can easily confuse the TRN number with the Emirates ID number. However, although both numbers have 15 digits, their structure and purpose differentiate them. For example, the Emirates ID is an individual personal identification and the TRN is for companies.

In addition, the authorities require all citizens and residents to carry an Emirates ID and carry it at all times. However, the TRN uses it exclusively for each company in the UAE to carry out commercial transactions and file legal reports. Likewise, the authority that issues the Emirates ID and the TRN have some differences.

Additionally, they can perform a TRN status check to stay in line with Saudi laws.

Why do you need a business TRN in the UAE?

Business owners need the TRN in every type of formal communication with authorities and regulatory bodies. In this case, some of the following activities for a company require the use of the TRN:

  • Preparation of tax invoices.
  • Notary of tax credits.
  • Presentation of VAT declaration and other taxes.
  • Invoices to clients where VAT must be applied.

Why should you do a TRN verification Dubai?

The TRN tax registration number is implemented as a legal identity for companies in Dubai and the UAE. On the other hand, the United Arab Emirates government adjusted VAT in January 2018 by up to 5% for companies in multiple sectors. Likewise, the purpose of the VAT was to make the country less dependent on oil and more dependent on economic activities.

On the other hand, according to the tax procedures imposed by the FTA, when billing a client, it will charge 5% VAT on the total payment. However, there are cases of fraudulent companies that do not have a valid TRN. Furthermore, they collect the VAT amount from the customers but do not transfer it to the UAE government.

Therefore, to put an end to these malpractices, the government implemented a simplified process to verify TRN numbers. Likewise, customers and companies can do online verification in a short time. In this way, business owners cannot collect VAT unless they have a verified TRN.

Otherwise, not performing the verification can cause major problems. For example, receiving fines and even suspension of the business license when submitting financial reports.

Additionally, customers can easily proceed with UAE TRN verification to ensure the money reaches the authorities. Also, the company to which the VAT is paid has authorization to receive the tax payment.

How to do a TRN verification Dubai: Step by step

The Dubai TRN verification process can be done by anyone who owns a smartphone or computer. Therefore, once the FTA tax registration number is obtained, the database associates the company as a valid creditor. Likewise, anyone can go to the FTA website to perform the legal registration verification of a business.

Likewise, the FTA requires that users be able to register on the website with identification data for verification. In the same way, the registry is available to everyone and guarantees transparency in the processes.

TRN Verification Dubai: Detect a wrong TRN Visually

The TRN has a specific number format that can be quickly identified. Therefore, before doing the TRN registration in UAE online, you can look at the number and ensure that it belongs to a TRN. Thus, a TRN code begins with the number 100 and then continues with three sets of four numbers.

In this case, the structure is as follows: 100-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX. On the other hand, when the encoding is different, it may indicate a false TRN if it has the following:

  • The code is not made up of exactly 15 digits.
  • Do not have the number 100 as the first three digits.
  • Incorrect format.

In this way, after visually confirming that the TRN corresponds to a valid one, the person can verify TRN number.

TRN Verification Dubai: Federal Tax Authority (FTA) Website

To avoid a TRN no verification, individuals can complete it for a company in a few simple steps. What you should do is what we will detail below:

  1. Visit the FTA website. Go to the FTA website directly to the section where you can validate a TRN. Therefore, with a simple search for TRN Verification UAE or TRN Verification Dubai, the person will reach the related web page quickly.
  2. Enter the TRN number. Once inside the verification page, there will be a text box to enter the code to be verified. In addition, there will be another box to perform the captcha or enter a specific security code. Next, carefully place the TRN located on the transaction receipt, invoice, or commercial documentation.
  3. Then, you will need to enter the security code correctly and click VALIDATE.
  4. NRT result. After the previous steps, the website will match the TRN code entered with the database of the business.

Therefore, when the system finds a match with a validated registrant, it will display a text saying TRN IS AVAILABLE IN THE SYSTEM. Additionally, the window will provide the name of the legal business entity in English and Arabic. Otherwise, when there is no match, a text will appear saying TRN DOES NOT EXIST IN THE SYSTEM.

Otherwise, the process will ensure that the consumer confirms that the company they are dealing with has a valid tax registration number. In the same way, business owners can perform a TRN status check that they have.

How to report fraud with TRN Verification Dubai

By having TRN no verification and not validated at the time of billing with clients, VAT will be fraudulent and a crime in UAE. Therefore, consumers should report a false TRN detected by visual inspection or verification. In this case, the procedure to report a false TRN can be carried out simply.

To do so, people only have to contact the FTA via phone number or email.

How to obtain a valid TRN for your business in the UAE

The FTA allows businesses in the UAE to apply for TRN registration online through the official web portal. Therefore, entrepreneurs and consumers must carry out the following steps to complete registration:

They must first go to the FTA website: and open the account registration. After registration, the website will provide resources that specify requirements such as documentation. Likewise, you must provide all the details of the company, which includes the following information:

  • Type of company.
  • Company headquarters and whether it belongs to a free zone in the UAE.
  • Registration criteria (mandatory or voluntary).
  • Personal data of the business owner.

Additionally, when applying for a tax registration number in Dubai, applicants must provide scanned copies of the following documentation:

  • Partnership agreement.
  • Statutes.
  • Passport or Emirates ID.
  • Any documentation containing ownership information.

Likewise, applicants must provide details of the bank account managed by the company. Otherwise, not owning the business, the applicant must provide contact details for a designated business manager. Additionally, providing contact information allows the authority to communicate for legal reasons.

Summary: Ready to take the next step with TRN Verification Dubai?

TRN verification Dubai

In recent years, the UAE has aimed to create a transformation in Dubai and the UAE to make it the center of global negotiations. In addition, reduces the dependence of the country on the economy based on the oil market. Therefore, the government streamlined the process for TRN verification, improving the business environment.

Likewise, the government of the Emirates provides many growth opportunities for foreign investors. Applications take less than 1 week to register the company in the UAE and start operations.

When operating your business in the UAE, ensure that you have a valid TRN and pass the UAE TRN verification. If you have any questions regarding the aspects that we have detailed, do not hesitate to contact us.


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